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In an industry that turns away 90% of those who need help, one man is brave enough to tell it like it is and FIGHT for change!!!
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In an industry that turns away 90% of those who need help, one man is brave enough to tell it like it is and FIGHT for change!!!
What Is The Abstinence Myth? 
It is NOT just another “addiction” book on how drugs and alcohol are bad.
It is NOT about getting you to stop your behavior, although this information will help you to get control so you CAN stop if you want to!
It is NOT about telling you that you're sick - yet these secrets will get you feeling healthier than EVER before! 
The Abstinence Myth is A REVOLUTION!
The failure of addiction help and treatment are symptoms of a much greater problem that’s hard to see (that’s the bad news), but easy to fix, once you understand it (that’s the good news).  In this book, you will find the actual process I created after beating my own addiction and helping HUNDREDS of people beat their addiction forever! With these principles in place, addiction will be a distant memory in your life.
Get The #1 Best-Selling Book That's Changing Everything We Know About Addiction For FREE! 
Over 13 years AMAZING research and experience! These concepts have never been shared before and are laid out simply so you can apply them NOW!
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"A fresh and much needed perspective. Through his methodical research and personal life experience, Dr. Jaffe exposes some of the most dangerous myths in the recovery movement. This book is not only educational and eye opening, it is transformational for anyone struggling with addiction. Thank you Dr. Jaffe."
Annie Grace
"Adi Jaffe is as brave as he is compassionate. Reading this book, one sees how he helps his clients from despair to hope. He turns the over-reliance of the American answer to addiction – a faith-and-abstinence based-program developed in 1935 – on its head. Anyone struggling with overdrinking and over-using – and their loved ones – should read this book."
Gabrielle Glaser
"Jaffe combines great storytelling, including the powerful story of his own journey, with a deep appreciation of the scientific literature on addiction and change. We can feel his pain, his courage, his discoveries, his self-acceptance, and his growth. Then he goes beyond the personal, to articulate an approach to change fully in accord with both common sense and science. His approach will be welcomed by anyone looking for something to replace the dominant one-size-fits all US approach."
Founder of SMART Recovery and Addiction Expert
A. Tom Horvath, Ph.D.
From NYT Best sellers to World-Class Experts, everyone agrees That the Abstinence myth is simply incredible!!!
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Recovery Will Never Be The Same...
Dr. Jaffe's new book has been featured on the Johnathan Van Ness Podcast - Getting Curious - as well as on the Dr. Oz podcast, The Doctors television show and everyone agrees that it's a "must read for anyone struggling with addiction, who has a loved one that struggles with addiction, or who wants to radically transform their life."

Dr. Jaffe's personal story and recovery journey will simply astound you, while his client examples and clinical lessons will clear the way for your own transformation.

The Abstinence Myth is full of scientific evidence that prove Dr. Jaffe's radical view is NEEDED if we're going to finally get control of the addiction epidemic we've been struggling with for decades.
Did you know... that only 10% of people get help?!
Yup, it's true... it's one of the hidden facts about addiction treatment no one talks about.

Unfortunately, whenever it is discussed, it's the people who struggle who are typically blamed for this fact. Just imagine blaming cancer patients for not taking part in treatment that is barely effective, costly to take part in, and that blames you for the problem... Can't imagine it, well this book is for you!

Dr. Jaffe completely flips the equation on addiction in this book and you're going to love this new, empowering way, of approaching the problem. It'll change the way you look at things forever!
meet the AUTHOR behind the book
Adi Jaffe, PhD
My name is Adi Jaffe, and I LIVE for helping people who want to beat their shame and level-up their life! I founded IGNTD and wrote The Abstinence Myth to offer a brand new option for those who have felt that what's currently available just isn't for them! I have a PhD from UCLA, where I lectured for 7 years, and I've written for every cool publication on earth (essentially - Psychology Today, Huffington Post, CNN, and more) and have appeared on dozens of TV shows as a mental health and addiction expert.
People Are RAVING!
You've been looking for The Answer, and Dr. Jaffe delivers BIG with this incredible new work. Get the book FREE and you will NEVER look at recovery the same again. If you want real change now then click on the button below!
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Adi Jaffe, Phd - THE abstinence myth- Copyright @ 2021 - all rights reserved
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