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Learn the revolutionary new approach for overcoming addiction without

shame,  judgement or rules. 


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“A fresh and much-needed perspective. Though his methodical research and personal life experience, Dr. Jaffe exposes some of the most dangerous myths in the recovery movement. This book is not only educational and eye opening, it is transformational for anyone struggling with addiction. Thank you Dr. Jaffe.”

—Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind

Introducing the IGNTD RECOVERY METHOD including:

  • The Mythology of Addiction and how it gets in your way 

  • How to let go of shame, guilt and experience true joy

  • How to personalize your recovery and see immediate results

"Jaffe combines great storytelling, including the powerful story of his own journey, with a deep appreciation of the scientific literature on addiction and change. Then he goes beyond the personal, to articulate an approach to change fully in accord with both common sense and science. His approach will be welcomed by anyone looking for something to replace the dominant one-size-fits all US approach."


Tom Horvath, PhD

Psychologist &Founder, SMART Recovery

"Adi Jaffe is as brave as he is compassionate. Reading this book, one sees how he helps his clients from despair to hope. He turns the over-reliance of the American answer to addiction -- a faith-and-abstinence based-program developed in 1935 -- on its head. Anyone struggling with overdrinking and over-using -- and their loved ones -- should read this book."



Gabrielle Glaser

New-York Times Bestselling Author

"No one has confronted America's abstinence myth like Adi Jaffe. He has done so in his own life, leaving a meth addiction behind in favor of a fully lived family life and career. He has done it in his practice, escorting people personally from excess to moderation. And he has done so politically, confronting America's abstinence fixation forthrightly and righteously. This book is his testament to all of those journeys"


Stanton Peele, PhD

Psychologist, Addicion Expert & Author


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